Bristow and Sutor Debt Collectors

Bristow and Sutor are enforcement agents, established in the UK in 1979. An enforcement agent is essentially a new term for ‘bailiff’.

Who are Bristow & Sutor Debt Collectors?

Bristow and Sutor are enforcement agents, established in the UK in 1979. An enforcement agent is essentially a new term for ‘bailiff’.

Why have Bristow & Sutor been in touch with me?

There are three types of debt this agency deals with: penalty charge notices (PCNs), council tax debt and business rates. It’s therefore likely that you are listed as owing money against one of these charges.

I don’t think I owe this debt to Bristow & Sutor – what should I do?

If the debt belongs to someone else, call Bristow & Sutor and inform them. You will need to provide evidence such as a copy of a utility bill or bank statement.

If you have already paid the debt, call the council and inform them that you are being chased for further payment. Also, check with your bank that the last payment went through.

What will happen if I don’t pay Bristow & Sutor?

Firstly they will send a Compliance Notice. You have seven days to agree a payment plan and a £75 fee will be added to the debt.

If you ignore the notice or fail to agree to a payment plan, Bristol & Sutor will issue a Notice of Enforcement. This acts as a warning that goods from your home will be removed by enforcement agents in order to settle your debt. You now become liable for another £235 fee, supplementary to your debt. At this point, you have another 7 days to either make a full payment or agree on a plan.

Lastly, enforcement agents will return with a Controlled Goods Agreement. They will enter your home and take inventory of your possessions, noting which could be sold to pay off your debt. If you sign a Controlled Goods Agreement this will give you a further seven days to repay your debt, with the relevant additional fees. Enforcement agents will return to remove the goods if you fail to pay.

What can Bristow & Sutor take?

The items that are removed by enforcement agents will be sold at auction. Typically they will look for televisions, jewellery, games consoles and vehicles. Any item on hire purchase cannot be seized if the final payment hasn’t been made. You will be allowed to keep one phone.

They can’t take items that you need in order to do your job such as tools, books, laptops/PCs or a vehicle unless they are worth more than £1,350.

Items such as washing machines, cookers, microwaves or fridge freezers are deemed essential to basic living standards and will not be removed.

Pets and beds/bedding will also not be removed, neither will any medical items or vehicles with a disabled badge or assistance dogs.

A further Sale and Disposal fee of £110 will be added to the debt amount and if the total original debt is above £1,500, they will charge 7.5% of any amount above this limit.

Can Bristow & Sutor take money from my wages?

Yes, this is called an Attachment of Earnings. If they obtain this order, Bristol and Suter will instruct your employer to divert money to the court, to then send the money to the creditor.

Could Bristow & Sutor debt collection really ruin my life?

Don’t let things get to that stage. Our AI bot can assess the best ways for you to manage this debt. Taking control and communicating with Bristow & Sutor is the best course of action.

What rights do Bristow and Sutor have?

Bristol and Sutor are Enforcement Agents, which means that court orders allow them to demand debt repayment and to enter your home and seize goods if you don’t pay.

What can Bristow and Sutor do?

If you fail to agree on a payment plan or settle the debt in full, Bristow & Sutor can use their powers as a bailiff to enter your home and remove goods to sell.

If you have a council tax debt they can obtain an Attachment of Earnings, which will deduct an amount from your monthly or weekly earnings until the debt is paid off.

Failing to pay a PCN will result in Bristow & Sutor asking for a Controlled Goods Agreement, giving them the power to enter your home and remove goods for sale at auction.

Can Bristow & Sutor force entry?

You do not have to open your door to a bailiff. They cannot force entry and can only enter via the front door if you allow, and only between 6 am and 9 pm. They must leave and return at a later date if only children under 16 or vulnerable people are in the house.

Can Bristow & Sutor remove goods?

Yes, if they have a Controlled Goods Agreement they can remove goods from your home with their bailiff status to sell at auction to settle your debt.

Do you have to pay Bristow & Sutor?

If the debt is yours, the best course of action is to pay the debt and avoid further charges and action against you. However, if you are positive that the debt has been allocated to you by mistake, you should provide evidence of this to both the creditor and Bristow & Sutor as soon as possible.

If you are in financial difficulty and can’t afford to pay, seek advice now.

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