Capital Resolve Debt Recovery

Capital Resolve is an industry-leading, ethical and independent Debt Recovery and Tracing service provider operating for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their multichannel debt recovery strategies and industry expertise.

Who is Capital Resolve?

Capital Resolve is an industry-leading, ethical and independent Debt Recovery and Tracing service provider operating for over 20 years. They pride themselves on their multichannel debt recovery strategies and industry expertise.

Why is Capital Resolve chasing me?

Capital Resolve is a recognised independent Debt Recovery and Tracing service provider. If Capital Resolve is contacting you, it may be because you owe money to another unrelated company that has recruited Capital Resolve. This would be for tracing services and funds recovery.

Can I stop Capital Resolve from contacting me?

Capital Resolve’s Code of Conduct states that they will always attempt to contact customers at reasonable times and intervals.

If there is a valid debt, it would be unlikely to fully prevent Capital Resolve from contacting you.

However, there are ways you could try to stop Capital Resolve contacting you. Firstly, you could try paying the debt in full which could have a positive effect on your credit file and help give you rest of mind.

Or, you could try sending Capital Resolve a request in writing asking them to stop contacting you; alternatively, you could contact your original creditor to try and negotiate an alternative arrangement. It is important that you weigh up all the options available to you to select the best course of action.

Is Capital Resolve a legitimate debt collector?

Capital Resolve is a legitimate debt collector, established in 1997. Capital Resolve obtained full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority in 2016.

Who does Capital Resolve collect for?

Capital Resolve collects for a large number of companies and organisations including but not limited to HMRC, utility companies, credit card companies and even court fines.

Should I ignore Capital Resolve’s letters or calls?

If you ignore Capital Resolves letters or calls, this could lead to an escalation of the debt through county court judgements, or trigger bailiffs to recover goods equivalent to the cost of the debt.

Is my debt to Capital Resolve debt statute-barred?

The statute limit in England for most common types of debts is usually 6 years. There are a few options you could explore to investigate whether your debt is statute-barred depending on your individual circumstances, including, checking your credit report, checking your bank statement to see when you last made a payment towards the debt or checking to see when your last communicated with your creditor or Capital Resolve in writing acknowledging your debt.

Should I pay Capital Resolve the money I owe?

If you pay the money you owe, this action will have a positive impact on your credit file; it will probably also mean that Capital Resolve would have no reason to contact you anymore. Not paying the money you owe could lead to county court judgements, hefty court fees, bailiff visits and your credit file could be negatively impacted.

I can’t afford to pay Capital Resolve. What now?

There are probably a few options available to you including but not limited to; Contacting Capital Resolve directly to create an affordable payment plan within a reasonable timescale, contacting Citizens Advice Bureau to seek money management advice, contacting a company that provides Individual Voluntary Arrangement Schemes (IVAs) to see if any or all of your debts qualify to be written off either partly or as a whole, declaring yourself bankrupt – however this would have a serious negative effect on your credit rating.

You should weigh up all your options against your individual situation and do what will work best for you.

What action can Capital Resolve take?

Capital Resolve will try to collect your debt in an affordable and reasonable way. They will try to communicate with you in writing, by phone or by any method you have previously stated. Capital Resolve can take you to court if all other avenues to reach agreeable terms have been exhausted.

Could my Capital Resolve debts mean that I lose my home?

Capital Resolve mostly deals with unsecured debts and these are not secured against any particular asset. However, if Capital Resolve exhaust all avenues of resolution with you or you fall heavily behind with payments, there is a possibility that they may take you to court and apply for a charging order where the court would have your debt secured against your home.

How do I make a complaint about Capital Resolve?

There are probably a few options you could try regarding making a complaint about Capital Resolve. Initially, you can make a complaint about Capital Resolve to Capital Resolve direct, either in person, by email, by phone or by letter. This might achieve the quickest result given that they would be privy to all the information available regarding your complaint, so deally you would not have to wait too long.

You could make the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, they usually step in when you are not satisfied with how your complaint has been handled when raised with the business directly. You could also make your complaint to the Credit Services Association as Capital Resolve is also a member.

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