CCS Collect Debt Collectors

Have you been contacted by CCS Collect? Do you need help dealing with them or making a payment? Or, are they chasing you for a debt that isn’t yours? Read on to find out how you can deal with this debt collection agency.

Who is CCS Collect?

CCS Collect stands for Commercial Collection Services. Based in Surrey, they’re a debt collection agency with over 40 years of experience. CCS Collect collects debts on behalf of other people and is regulated to do so in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA.)

CCS Collect is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA) and holds ISO accreditations for Quality Management and Information Security Management.

Why is CCS Collect Debt Recovery contacting me?

If CCS Collect is contacting you, the likelihood is that you owe money to one of its clients including government agencies and utility companies.

Are CCS Collect legitimate?

CCS Collect is a founding member of the CSA and their accreditations and regulation by the FCA all point to them being a legitimate company.

But even if a debt collection agency seems legitimate, it’s important that you take action and review all your options ahead of contacting them to make a payment.

Does CCS Collect Buy Debt?

CCS works on behalf of a range of clients like HMRC and DWP to collect commercial and consumer debt. They don’t buy debt from other lenders but they will try and recover the debt by encouraging you to set up a payment plan or ensuring that the full debt is paid off as soon as possible.

Who uses CCS Collect?

CCS Collect is used by a wide range of clients including:



• Sky

• British Gas

• NPower

• BT

• The Student Loans Company


They recover the following types of debts:

• Council tax arrears
• Benefits overpayments
• Parking fines
• Overdue utility bills
• Mobile phone bills
• Credit card debt

Can I ignore CCS Collect?

You could try ignoring CCS Collect but if you do they can take action against you in the form of a CCJ (County Court Judgement.) This will affect your credit rating and they may even send bailiffs to your home to recover goods equal in value to the debt.

But before you make a payment you should always establish what the debt is, how much the debt is for and how old it is. At DebtBuffers we can help you to deal with CCS Collect to handle the best way to deal with your debt.

If you think the debt isn’t yours at all then you can send a ‘Prove My Debt’ letter using our letter writing service.

Can I stop CCS Collect from contacting me?

You can stop CCS Collect from contacting you by call or text although they are allowed to contact you by post at your registered address. Let them know that you will only deal with the case in writing using our letter writing service.

What does the CCS Debt Collection process look like?

Once your debt has been transferred to CCS Collect they will start the process of initiating repayment of the money owed.

CCS Collect will contact you in writing, and although this can seem daunting it’s important to remember that these letters are based on a template and are not personal.

If they don’t hear from you they will continue to try and get in touch by letter, email, phone, text or by visiting your home.

You have a number of options for making payment including online card payment, direct debit, online banking, card or cheque, at your bank or post office or using Payzone. You can contact CCS Collect by phone or pay online.

Do CCS Collect accept credit cards?

You can pay off your debt using a credit card either online, using an automated call service or by talking to an agent.

What action will CCS Collect take?

CCS can chase you for repayment but they’re not allowed to use aggressive tactics or threaten you with legal action that they’re not allowed to take. Remember that the letters they send are standard, so don’t take them personally. Nonetheless, you should aim to take control of the situation as quickly as possible.

Can CCS collect take me to court?

CCS Collect can take you to court for non-payment and obtain a CCJ against you. This is why it’s important to act quickly before this happens.

Can CCS Collect send bailiffs?

CCS Collect can only send bailiffs if they have a CCJ against you. Remember that bailiffs are acting on behalf of the court and have a legal right to enter your home and remove goods to cover the amount of the debt.

Can CCS Collect take my home?

It’s highly unlikely that CCS Collect would be given a charging order to repossess your home as a result of unsecured debt. But the situation is different if it’s an unsecured loan like a second mortgage.

How do I complain about CCS Collect?

The action that CCS Collect can take is highly regulated and it’s important that you know your rights when dealing with a debt collection agency like CCS.

• CCS Collect cannot harass you in any way or use threatening or abusive tactics or misleading information to collect debts
• CCS Collect can’t pretend to have powers they don’t have
• CCS Collect are obliged to take your personal circumstances into account

If you feel that they’re breaking any of these rules in their treatment of you, you can make a complaint direct to CCS Collect and then escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you’re still dissatisfied.

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