Fredrickson International Debt Collectors

FredPay is Fredrickson International, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised debt collection agency, also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA.) Established in 1992, FredPay advises and collect on behalf of the UK’s largest companies.

Who are FredPay?

FredPay is Fredrickson International, a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorised debt collection agency, also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA.) Established in 1992, FredPay advises and collect on behalf of the UK’s largest companies.

Why Is Fredrickson Contacting Me?

An organisation that you may owe money to has asked Fredrickson International to contact you and collect the amount owed. Always establish upfront the exact debt amount and the name of the company seeking repayment.

Is FredPay legit?

In addition to FCA authorisation and CSA membership, Fredrickson holds the following accreditations:

• Fredrickson is SecureTrust compliant

• Fredrickson is a member of the CSA Collector Accreditation Initiative

• Fredrickson is IEC 27001 certified for its Information Security Management System

• Fredrickson is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Officer

Wait, is this really money that you owe?

It’s possible that the debt may be too old to be collected, or there was a mistake in identifying you as the debtor.

Under the Limitations Act 1980, debts older than six years often cannot be collected. This may apply if you haven’t made any payments at all and no County Court Judgements (CCJs) have been issued, or you haven’t formally recognised that you owe the amount in writing.

If you are completely unaware of the debt owed and why you have been contacted, it may be that you have a similar name or address as the actual debtor. In some cases, you may have been the victim of fraud or identity theft. If you suspect this is the case, you must immediately investigate this. If you are certain that you are not liable for the debt, our Letter Writing service can assist you with a dispute letter.

If you have any doubts, seek advice to establish your liability before going any further.

Remember, Fredrickson may only answer questions about the collection order or your account but are not permitted to give advice on what you should do.

So, Can I Just Ignore Fredrickson?

Don’t ignore contact from Fredrickson, even if you are sure that you are not liable for the debt. However, Fredrickson is not permitted to harass an individual or cause distress.

If you are in financial difficulty, inform Fredrickson that you are seeking advice; action against you may be paused. If you are worried or feel under unfair pressure, use our AI chatbot to get advice on how to handle and resolve debt collection requests, whatever your circumstances.

Anyone who has had a debt collection action issued against them can legally ask Fredrickson to allow 30 days’ breathing space to consider their options and seek advice. Our Letter Writing Service can assist you in this. This will give you time to find a realistic solution to your problem or investigate the debt further.

If you fail to resolve the debt collection order or prove that you are not liable, it won’t simply go away. Either Fredrickson or the original creditor may apply for a CCJ to recover the money owed. A judgement against you will not only affect your credit rating, but it will also increase the original amount owed as interest will be added until it is settled.

What Can Fredrickson Do?

As a debt collection agency, Fredrickson only holds the same legal powers as the original creditor. Fredrickson is not a bailiff, they are debt collectors and as such do not have the power to enter your home uninvited or remove goods. The only legal action Fredrickson may take in-person is to knock on your door and ask you to pay. You do not have to make a payment on the spot if this happens, and you cannot be forced to do so.

Usually, you will be initially contacted by post or by phone and you will be asked to either settle the debt or set up a payment plan. You can limit the contact you receive by stating your preferred method of contact. If you request that Fredrickson only contact you by letter, this may give you some time and space to consider your options. This also reduces the pressure during calls and texts to give immediate responses to any demands made and will ensure that you are not contacted in situations where it would be difficult to maintain your privacy.

If it is established that you owe the amount requested, work out what you can realistically afford to repay and stick to it. Try to avoid being pressured to increase repayments if it will adversely impact your other essential outgoings or cause you to fall into debt elsewhere.

Fredrickson must allow you to set up a debt repayment plan via FredPay if you cannot settle the amount in full.

You may also be eligible for an Individual Voluntary Agreement. This may be a good option if you own a business or have more than one collection agency or creditor seeking repayment.

Once you have set up an IVA, Fredrickson will not be able to take action against you for the debt. But, you must keep up the agreed repayments or the IVA practitioner can cancel the agreement and even make you bankrupt.

If you stick to the IVA payments, the information is removed three months after completion.

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