Lowell Financial Group and Solicitors Debt Collection

Lowell Group is a debt collection agency that collects debts on behalf of other companies, which is why you may not recognise the name. Lowell Group also purchases debt ‘bundles’ from companies and thus own various debts.

Who is Lowell Group Debt Collection?

Lowell Group is a debt collection agency that collects debts on behalf of other companies, which is why you may not recognise the name. Lowell Group also purchases debt ‘bundles’ from companies and thus own various debts.

Why are Lowell Solicitors sending me debt letters?

Lowell Solicitors will contact you to chase overdue debt they are either managing or have bought.

They will typically begin by sending an initial, system-driven, standard letter, with a follow-up telephone call or text. If you are unsure, it is worth verifying that the debt is yours.

How do I know Lowell Solicitors are legitimate?

It is always advisable to check a company is legitimate before making any kind of payment. In their first communication, Lowell Solicitors should tell you the name of your original creditor, who in turn should also contact you to inform you that the debt has been passed on. The Financial Conduct Authority has a register on which you can verify a debt collection agency.

Who do they collect for?

Lowell Group collects debts for retail, utilities, telecoms, government agencies and financial services.

Will Lowell Financial go away if I ignore them?

Ignoring communications from Lowell Financial will not make the situation or the debt go away. By ignoring them you risk further action being taken. You are entitled to seek professional debt advice and they should allow time for you to consider your options.

Can I prevent Lowell Group from contacting me?

As Lowell Group have been engaged to recover the debt, they may be legally obligated to contact you. You are entitled to tell them your preferred method of contact, for example, only in writing or via email, rather than by telephone.

Will Lowell Group send bailiffs?

With advance notice, Lowell Group can send debt collectors to your home if you do not make payment. They cannot enter your home or remove goods as they are not bailiffs. They must take you to court to send bailiffs.

How will Lowell Financial recover my debt?

On their initial contact, they will request you to make a payment, either in full or by instalments.

Will Lowell Group give me an Attachment of Earnings order?

An Attachment of Earnings Order comprises employer deductions directly from your wages to repay the debt. An Attachment of Earnings Order is obtained through the court.

What will happen if I don’t pay Lowell Financial?

If you do not make a financial arrangement with them, Lowell Financial can take legal action, the costs of which will be added to your original debt. Legal action can include a County Court Judgement (CCJ), bailiffs instructed to remove goods, an Attachment of Earnings Order or a Charging Order which secures the debt against your property.

I can’t afford to pay Lowell Group; how do I write off my Lowell Group debt?

In England, you may be able to obtain an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) which consolidates all your unsecured debt into one affordable monthly repayment over a set time period. After that time period, the debt is written off. In Scotland, a similar scheme is called a Protected Trust Deed. These methods may also be able to protect your house or car from repossession. Taking professional debt advice to discuss your options is advisable.

What actions are Lowell Group likely to take?

Lowell Group can chase you for repayments. They cannot harass you or call at unreasonable times or places such as your place of work. They are not permitted to discuss your debt with family members or employers without consent. They should use easily understood language and not threaten unlikely legal action.

Can Lowell Group sell my home?

It is likely that your debt to Lowell Group is unsecured, which means it is not secured against an asset such as property. To secure the debt against your home, they must successfully take you to court to obtain a CCJ and a Charging Order firstly.

I feel embarrassed to talk to Lowell Financial

It isn’t uncommon to feel ashamed of debt and find it hard to deal with, however, the best route forward is to acknowledge the situation and find a solution. Over 8 million people in the UK struggled to pay their debts or bills last year according to the National Audit Office.

If you choose to speak to someone at Lowell Group over the phone, remember that they deal with these situations every day, they do not operate with judgement and are motivated to work with you seek a solution. They should be willing to work towards a payment arrangement with you. It won’t happen immediately but a time will come when you’ll be debt-free.

The internet and informal advise can be full of misinformation, it is always advisable to seek professional debt advice.

What other options are there with Lowell Group?

There is a range of possible debt solutions such as a debt management plan, whereby you can agree on a manageable payment plan. The instalments should be affordable, without excessive charges, interest or penalties. A debt consolidation loan, debt arrangement scheme, the IVA/Protected Trust Deed explained above or bankruptcy or sequestration are other options.

Can Lowell portfolio take you to court?

Lowell Group can take you to court to obtain a County Court Judgement, Attachment of Earnings or a Charging Order.

How does Lowell respond to a three-letter process?

To pursue a debt Lowell must legally be in possession of certain documents. To establish this, you can initiate a 3 letter/Notice of Conditional Acceptance process which makes reasonable requests for proof. There is a set process to follow.

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