Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Stress can have a serious impact on your physical and mental health. Did you know that being under heavy stress can lessen your life expectancy by up to three years? None of us wishes to live this way, and one of the biggest and most damaging stressors is debt. Here at DebtBuffer, we want you to enjoy your life again. We want to assist you in taking back control of your money worries. Life is too short to carry the burden of debt – let’s get you on the path to being debt-free.

Who is Moorcroft?

Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited (MDRL) is a well-established debt collection agency. They specialise in debt collection from both individuals and businesses. They are also a debt purchaser which means that they purchase debt from creditors and collect it on their behalf. Moorcroft often works with energy and utility companies such as Scottish Power, BT, O2, United Utilities, and others.

Is Moorcroft Debt Recovery legitimate?

Moorcroft is authorised and regulated by the FCA and is a member of the Credit Services Association. This means that they are audited by the FCA. The FCA regularly checks their accounts, their history, and how they operate to ensure they remain compliant with guidelines issued by the government.

Why is Moorcroft chasing me?

Moorcroft will be contacting you in relation to outstanding debt. They will either be contacting you on behalf of a creditor or on their own behalf after buying out your debt.

Who does Moorcroft Debt Recovery collect for?

Moorcroft works on behalf of many different companies, but they mainly collect for energy and utility companies. Clients will contact Moorcroft to manage their overdue accounts. Moorcroft also purchases debt and collects payments on their own behalf. This means that Moorcroft works for many different companies and each case is unique.

Can I stop Moorcroft from contacting me?

Because Moorcroft works on the behalf of clients, or are the legal owners of the debt, they are under a contractual obligation to contact you. They are legally required to initiate a dialogue with the debtor in question. As such, there is no way to prevent them from contacting you, although you can specify a form of contact that you are most comfortable with; for example, dealing with your debt in writing instead of receiving phone calls.

What will happen if I ignore Moorcroft’s letters or calls?

Unfortunately, debts won’t go away if you ignore them. Moorcroft, either being the legal owners of the debt or working for a client, can use official channels to obtain your contact details. If they do not hear back from a debtor, Moorcroft may move to hire bailiffs, start legal proceedings to declare a debtor, or to refer the case to the court system. Debtors should not ignore letters or calls from Moorcroft.

What action can Moorcroft take?

Moorcroft, as a debt collection agency, can contact you to arrange repayment of the debt. This does not mean they are allowed to harass you or contact you at unreasonable times. They do not have enforcement authority and are not allowed to enter your property. They are not bailiffs, and can not take any personal goods for payment. They should not threaten, intimidate, or lie to you about what they can and cannot do.

They are allowed to contact bailiffs on a client’s behalf and move through the legal system to pursue payment. They may take you to court to begin proceedings to have a County Court Judgement placed against you.

Can Moorcroft Debt recovery send bailiffs?

Moorcroft does not have the authority to send bailiffs without going through the court system. However, if you do not respond to them, they will begin securing action against you through the courts.

Does Moorcroft Debt Recovery accept credit cards?

To begin the process of debt repayment, Moorcroft has an option through their website for debtors to make card payments. You will be asked if you would like to set this up when you agree to a repayment plan with them.

What happens if I don’t pay Moorcroft Debt Recovery?

If you don’t pay Moorcroft Debt Recovery, they may take you to court. The result of this could be a County Court Judgement, or possibly an order for bailiffs to come to your house.

Can Moorcroft take you to court?

Moorcroft may take you to court if payments are not made and contact is not established.

Will Moorcroft come to my house?

Moorcroft will not come to your house. However, bailiffs and debt collectors may come to your house if a court order states they can do so.

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