PRA Group UK Debt Collectors

Who is PRA Group Debt Collectors?

PRA Group UK Limited is part of PRA Group Inc, a group of debt collection companies based in the USA. As you might expect, PRA Group UK Limited is responsible for the company’s UK business. PRA Group UK Limited collects debts on behalf of a range of clients including financial institutions such as MBNA, Barclaycard, Lloyds, and other lenders.

PRA Group UK Limited claims to be a highly ethical company, that does not add interest to debts or collect from those who can’t pay.

Why is PRA Group Debt Collection contacting me?

PRA Group UK Limited buys debt off other companies, like the financial institutions mentioned earlier. If they have contacted you, it is because they’ve purchased a debt you owe to someone else. They pay less than the full value of the debt (sometimes as little as 20%) and in return, they become the owners of the debt and take action to collect as much of the money owed as they can.

PRA Group usually purchases debts once the account with the original creditor (for example the bank) has gone into default, meaning you haven’t made a payment on a debt for some time. The original creditor will usually make several attempts to contact you before selling debt to a debt collection firm like PRA Group UK Limited.

On some occasions, you might be contacted by another company about a debt PRA Group has purchased. This is because although PRA Group owns the debt, this other company is managing it for them (i.e. doing the work of trying to collect the money owed.) These companies include:

• Credit Security Ltd

• Brodies LLP

• Shoosmiths LLP

• Judge & Priestly LLP

• Phillip & Cohen Associates (UK) Ltd

• IND Ltd

• Wright Hassall LLP


• Mazars

Are PRA Group Debt Collectors legitimate?

If you think there has been an error, it may be worth contacting the original creditor to check PRA Group Debt Collectors has the correct details. You can also ask PRA Group for a copy of your original payment. If they can’t provide this, you are not obliged to pay them.

If the details PRA Group hold are incorrect, or you don’t owe the money PRA Group are trying to collect, the next step would be to write a formal letter disputing the debt. You can ask our AI chatbot for help figuring out your options, and has a template for this type of letter.

Although errors can sometimes happen and it’s always worth checking the details, PRA Group is a legitimate company. They’ve been around for over 100 years, operating in multiple countries, and they say they only buy debt from reputable high street companies.

What can PRA Group do?

PRA Group claims to follow a strict set of company values including respect, ethics and accountability. This means they shouldn’t overstep the boundaries of their remit, but it’s best to know what those are so you can ascertain if any lines are crossed.

PRA Group can send you letters, make phone calls including automated phone calls and send representatives to your home. That doesn’t mean you have to answer their letters, calls, or let them in.

There are strict limits on what PRA Group can do. They can’t talk to anyone but you about your debt. That means no family members who answer the phone, or colleagues if they call you at work. They can’t collect on a debt that is more than six years old. They cannot pretend to be calling from the court or to be a bailiff. They do not have the authority to force entry to your home or remove property.

Most importantly, if you feel harassed or threatened, you are within your rights to report PRA Group, or any other debt collector, to the police. If they’re calling you too often, or they speak to anyone but you about your debt, you may be able to report them to the Office of Fair Trading.

What do the reviews say about PRA Group Debt Collectors?

Debt collector reviews don’t tend to be very positive and claims of aggressive or intimidating behaviour are not uncommon. However, reviews call out a specific problem with PRA Group. They have been known to try and collect debts that have expired. If PRA Group has not started court action then most debts become unenforceable after six years, meaning they cannot force you to pay.

Debt Buffer can help inform you about the options available to you to deal with your debts. This includes writing letters to creditors that can ensure you’re treated fairly and buy you more time to pay. Take some time to look around the site, find the course of action that is right for you, and use our AI Chatbot to fo further guidance.