QDR Solicitors Debt Collection

Are you getting sequential debt letters from QDR Solicitors through your door? Feeling overwhelmed about your unresolved debt? If so, DebtBuffer is here to help you discover more about QDR Solicitors and explore the different debt management options that are available to you.

Who are QDR Solicitors?

QDR Solicitors is a debt collection agency that collects debts on behalf of many businesses, including banks and building societies, finance and commercial organisations.

Why are QDR Solicitors chasing me?

If your details have been passed to QDR Solicitors, it’s likely because you owe money to a different creditor.

Is QDR Solicitors a legitimate debt collector?

Yes, QDR Solicitors is a Limited Company and registered in England and Wales, No. 07561541. The agency is a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA,) which ensures that the company operates in a fair and compliant way.

Who do QDR Solicitors collect for?

The agency collects for companies such as HMRC, O2, EE, utility companies, council tax, parking tickets, shopping catalogues and many more. Additionally, QDR collects debts from credit card and payday loans, as well as any court fines if you default on them.

Should I ignore QDR’s letters or calls?

It may be in your interest to seek advice from an FCA regulated company to check QDR Solicitors’ authenticity and explore your debt management options first. It’s best to notify QDR Solicitors that you are seeking advice in order for them to give you sufficient time to do this. You can contact them via 01926 884 695 or their website https://www.qdrsolicitors.com

Can I stop QDR from contacting me?

You won’t be able to stop QDR Solicitors from contacting you, as they have a legal requirement to send some correspondence. However, if you choose to state your preferred method of contact, they should follow this.

Is my debt to QDR Solicitors statute-barred?

In accordance with the Limitation Act 1980, some debts have a time constraint. In a lot of cases, the limit is six years in England and five years in Scotland. This timeframe begins from the last time a payment was made against the debt or when you recognised the debt in writing, (for instance, a letter to the creditor.) Once this has happened and assuming the debt meets certain criteria, the debt is assigned as statute-barred, meaning that the law states the debt can no longer be imposed.

Should I pay QDR Solicitors the money I owe?

If you have ensured the debt is yours, that it is not time-barred, and that QDR Solicitors have proof of the debt, you are accountable to pay it. If you can afford to, the quicker you pay, the faster QDR Solicitors’ correspondence should end.

I can’t afford to pay QDR Solicitors. What now?

If you are liable to pay the debt and cannot afford to resolve it, QDR Solicitors may be able to offer you a payment plan over a specific time period. The payment needs to be something you can afford and it should also allow you to pay off the debt over a realistic timeframe, without incurring excessive charges.

Can I write off my QDR Solicitors debts?

Using the most suitable scheme for your circumstances, it’s possible to write off certain debts. Options such as an individual voluntary arrangement or IVA can merge all your existing debts into one manageable sum. This means you make affordable monthly repayments for a set amount of time, (normally 60 months) and then at the end of the arrangement, any outstanding debt is officially written off.

What action can QDR Solicitors take?

QDR Solicitors has certain legal powers that are the same as those of the creditor who previously owned your debt. They can pursue you for payment of the debt, but cannot pester you or contact you at impractical times. They must respect any realistic request of yours to only be contacted by certain methods, or at specific times.

It’s possible that QDR Solicitors could send debt collection agents to your home, in the event you fail to pay. However, they are expressly not bailiffs. Debt collection agents cannot enter your home without permission and cannot take any possessions.

If QDR Solicitors attempt to do any of the following actions, they have to take you to court first:

  • • Issue a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you
  • • Send bailiffs to claim belongings to the value of the debt
  • • Request an attachment of earnings order or a charging order

Could my QDR debts mean that I lose my home?

There are a number of steps that have to be taken first before this is even considered, but it’s still unlikely you would lose your home.

Most of the debts that QDR Solicitors deal with are not secured against an asset. However, if you continue to fail to make payments, they could apply to the court to have the debt protected against your home.

How do I make a complaint about QDR Solicitors?

If you feel QDR Solicitors have treated your unfairly, you can file a complaint to them:

Phone: 01926 884 695
Email: info@quantum-debt.com
Post: Olympus House, Olympus Avenue, Leamington Spa CV34 6BF

If you are unsatisfied with the result of your initial complaint to QDR Solicitors, you can contact:

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